Sphere of Sarenrae

The Elven Job

The party heads to Frankie the Noise’s bar. The bouncer asks for all of our weapons. We enter the bar and get waived upstairs.

Frankie and Quinton speak. Frankie asks Quinton about his loyalty to the elves. He tells about their giant tree, and suggests he needs something stolen from them. Throndar Heimdal recently found some ruins, Sapita Pyara, and a statue of the goddess Calistra. Frankie puts a big bag of coin on the table and asks us to help Throndar to smuggle the statue off-planet. He says the fee for this service is 24,000 gold pieces.

We ask for an advance, 4,000 gold pieces. He agrees, but emphasizes that this is a commitment, and it will go badly for us if we don’t deliver. He also gives us a sack of 100 platinum crowns for Throndar’s payment. Finally, he gives us directions to Yellowmire, the closest we will be able to get to the ruins by flight. We’ll meet Throndar there.

However, the party’s geographic skills aren’t up to the task and they are unable to locate Yellowmire. We spot a dwarven mining encampment and descend. A pair of dwarves with large rifle-axes approach and ask us why we’re here. Digger and Nikko explain that we’re lost and need directions to Yellowmire. We’re taken to their leader, Radamir, who asks for a few gold pieces in exchange for a map. He then asks whether we’re in the market for some intelligence on the elves. For 100 gold pieces, he gives us a map of the elven border areas.

We sail about 10 miles up the river and find Yellowmire. We make our way to the local tavern, and encounter a well-dressed man sitting outside. Turns out that he is Throndar. We confirm that Frankie sent us -and give him the money. He says everything is in order and explains the mission. The statue is apparently magic, and should fetch a good price.

He gives us a map:

An arrow suddenly pierces his neck, and he falls as acid spurts out and his body rapidly degrades. Nikko grabs the bag of gold.

We are approached by the local law, a human named Sheriff Blutt. He asks what we’re doing here and why we killed the man. We try to explain the situation and we are allowed to leave.

We need to hire some long boats as the route to Sapita Pyara involves shallow waters. We head to the local tavern, which appears dingy from the outside but is quite well decorated inside. The proprietor offers us a fine meal.

Everyone’s attention turns to a loud thrumming sound outside, which Digger recognizes as an elemental engine landing. In walks Radamir and a bunch of his dwarves and a witch. He immediately recognizes us and approaches. He asks if we found our friend, and if he’s the guy they just dumped in the river. He tells us he didn’t realize our friend was Throndar, and demands that we hand over anything he gave us. Nikko bluffs him and says Throndar was killed before giving us anything.

Just then an elven woman with a panther enters the tavern. She has a bow and a quiver of arrows of the same type that killed Throndar. She lays down the law with the locals, and then leaves.

The party gets into a discussion with Radamir, and we agree to work together to get the artifact. However, he wants to direct it to another buyer, which will result in us crossing Frankie. Still, we agree to the terms, offering Radamir a 30% cut.

Radamir’s crew takes off in their ship, an enormous stone head (a la Zardoz). About an hour later, we hear an explosion, Radamir’s distraction for the elves. We take the opportunity to set sail along the river. Unfortunately, we quickly run the ship aground.

As we try to right the ship, we hear a rumble in the jungle nearby. A giant troll bursts out of the jungle, heading straight toward the donkeys we are using to pull the ship off ground. Combat ensues and we burn the troll. Digger manages to bottle its blood to brew some troll styptic.

We sail on down the river, approaching the first skull mark on the map. Nikko notices an elven woman apparently drowning in the water. Digger leaps over the side, yelling “We have to save her!”. The rest of the party steers the ship in front of Digger, and Quinton jumps in with a rope. The crew reels them both back aboard the ship and grapple him. They continue sailing, and about a mile later Digger snaps out of it.

We near the temple and disembark. We hear a haunting melody, which Digger recognizes as a Pan flute. We are approached by a half-man, half-goat being. He invites us to join him for entertainment and pleasure. He plays his pipes and charms Digger, asking Digger why they are here. Digger tries to answer, but the rest of the party tries to subdue him.

Combat ensues, and Nikko hits him with a solid gunshot. The party demands that he release Digger, and they begin to negotiate with the creature for its life. We agree to spare him if he tells us about the temple, and agrees to keep our presence secret for two days. He tells us that the statue has the power to grow plant life around it. The elves do not understand it, so they keep it far away from their city tree. The statue is guarded by a strange creature, with the head of a woman and the body of a snake. She has magic and a poisonous bite. She is a master of illusion, and has unerring strikes with her teeth. He also tells us that the area is patrolled by the elven rangers, but they are strangely absent today because of a great flying stone statue.

The bargain done, and since Nikko is holding the flute, the strange creature wanders off sadly.

The party approaches the temple. Nikko sneaks in to take a look, and climbs up one of the columns. The guardian suddenly appears and attacks. Battle ensues, and the guardian is killed.

The party searches the temple, and drags the statue into the boat.


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