Populous, civilized, imperial, powerful. The humans from Abadar have a long history of warring states. In the years before contact with the spacefaring dwarves the various states warred and allied until a unified empire emerged. After learning spell jamming from the Dwarves of Torag, Abadar emerged as a powerful empire within the Sarenrae system. The Imperial ships have traveled to every world in the sphere, and have set up colonies on many of them.

Abadar has a variety of climates and biomes, ranging from arctic to tropical to desert. The many different kingdoms have become provinces of the empire. The empire is noted for the many large cities that exist across the planet. While many of the creatures on other worlds had been rumored about or brought over by powerful spellcasters, Abadar has decidedly mundane creatures.

During the great retreat, the human society on Abadar has been completely restructured. The remenents of the family clans and noble houses have been wiped away and organized into the [Sorcerous Bloodlines]. Each bloodline is being very carefully managed to bring out the magic power in each. Each bloodline oversees a different aspect of society, and every bloodline is overseen by one of the six orders of wizards.

The great cities of Abadar are connected by a lightning rail network.

Each great Provence of Abadar has a city
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The largest of all the Imperial cities, the City of Spaco is the center of trade, exploration, and industry in the Sphere. The towers that give the city it’s name rise out of the ocean and soar hundreds of feet above the waves and into the clifface. Even before the dwarves gave spelljamming to the humans of Abadar this was a prosperous port of call, and with the new power they converted much of their ocean going mercantile fleet into a spelljamming one, and gave the Abadar Imperial fleet it’s distinctive look.


A forest moon that has been taken over by the elves, from here they watch the system and it’s development. They especially watch the fifth planet where they had imprisoned the Drow thousands of years ago. The elves of the emerald forest have been entrenched here for thousands of years, and humanity’s sudden discovery of spell jamming, and imperial ambitions seem a paltry reason to abandon this ancient foothold. Ships of Yuelral have crashed upon Abadar in ages past and from the wreckage humanity has learned the art of Wizardry, something the elves regret.


The river moon. This moon is low mountains, grasslands, and small shallow freshwater seas. The land is dominated by a large amount of rivers that wind that carve through the mountains, and wind through the marshes and grasslands. Hanspur is an agrarian world

City of Moons

The first moon to be settled by humanity. This is the oldest of the Abadar settlements that is off the Imperial homeworld. It is a city of barges, ships, and crops. From here the Imperium feeds its expansion. This city and moon is off limits to all non-Imperium trade, though some of the new magebred fruit that has appeared from here can fetch a high price if smuggled off world.


The moon of peace, a pleasant moon of temperate farms. A lightning rail connects the settlements of andoletta.

City of Temprence

This has remained the one open city in the imperium after thier self imposed exile, and to this day is a port of legitimate trade. Legitimate in the eyes of the Imperium, privateers of house d’Perdios may dock, same with the slavers of Lovers, but ships of Stars are fired upon, while Empress traders may have to


The Graveyard moon and a prison for the Imperium, it is the exile of those that disagree with the current regime of the Imperium. It is also the home city of the d’Mortintoj clan, necromancy is still officially illegal in Abadar, but here in prison, on a moon of the dead, it is tolerated.


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