alchemical engine

Alchemical – the most common helm type in the sphere. Developed by the gnomes. Requires alchemical fuel to power it. Alchemical engines are slow, especially between planets. Alchemical engines are dirty and leave a trail that can be tracked through space. The helms are cheap to buy, easy to repair, and fit most any ship.

Cost: 5,000/7,000/14,000/28,000

Sea: Ethereal

Tactical Speed: g/c/a/t 90/90/60/30

Atmospheric Speed (mph): 80/70/50/40

Orbital speed: Multiplier 1/1/2/3

Sphere travel: 1/1/2/3 months per unit

Fuel – one unit of fuel takes up 1 ton of cargo space. Fuel cannot be substituted for another type, tactical boost fuel cannot be used in place of atmospheric flight. Each size catagory doubles the amount of alchemical fuel needed.

Atmospheric flight 1/day – 1st level potion

Orbital flight 1 week – 2nd level potion

Sphere travel for 1 astronomical unit – 3rd level potion -

Tactical boost – 1st level potion – 1 minute of tactical combat 1/2/3/4 units

alchemical engine

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