Wild and untamed, lawless, big, populated by little people. Nearly the same orbit but on the other side of the sun. Claimed by Abadar, Torag, and the Emerald fleet, while it is often a target of raids by Gorum. Erastil have been carved up by every power in the sphere, leaving the Halfling natives as the only ones without a claim to thier own land.

Erastil is a wild land of huge primitive beasts and extremes in weather. The great primeval forests are being transformed into fey forests, but the great wooly beasts push back against such careful gardening. The Emerald fleet means to make a shipyard out of a Erastil and to wipe out the Drow of Gorum.

Halflings had a primitive tribal culture. The plains were home to rampaging dinosaur riding hordes of barbarians. The forests and jungles by primitive and often cannabilistic hunter gatherer tribes. What civilization existed was on the coastal cities. The Halflings have had a culture of raiding and slavery. When the giants in their flying ships arrived and began to conquer land many of the tribes sought to ally with Abadar, and offered slaves as a form of currency.

Halflings have thirteen tribes that spanned the globe.


The mountain tribe. Pious monks and priests who live in the high mountains. The temples and monestaries are a sanctuary for all Halflings, the holy men and women are generally welcomed throughout Erastill, and members of the tribe often migrate between their mountain homes.


The herding folk, they live in the plains with thier great herds of dinosaurs. A nomadic but peaceful people.


The city tribe. The original builders of the World City and Chariots. The City tribe was broken by Abadar and he entire tribe enslaved within thier own cities. after Empress rebellion the Halflings were able to escape thier bondage, but with Abadar resurgence most of the gains in the World City have been rolled back. The Cathrach of Chariots have held onto thier rights, and is a bastion on trade and culture. Cathrach Halflings from Chariots are common in the Sphere.


The crab tribe. Known for thier castles on the coastline and thier samurai warriors.
Laghairt – Thunder Lizard tribe. Nomadic raiders that prowl the steppes, raid the cities, and capture and sell slaves. The Golden Horde of Erastil.


The Matriarchy. Island tribes ruled by women. Both feared and desired by the other Halflings. The men are slaves and laborers while the women are rulers, merchants, and warriors.


The great kingdom. On the other continent across the sea from Chariots, Gryaz, and the World city. This empire was eventually brought under Abadar rule through shows of force and negotiation. They signed a treaty with Abadar to ally with then in exchange for thier autonomy. When the Empress rebellion happened they fought for neither side and with Abadar resurgent, these are the only spelljammers welcome beyond the great wall of Dilaguscrit.


The dragon tribe. A cruel and violent tribe of warriors and sorcerers. They are allied with the Silver Empire. Cruel and vicious, they often rule from conquered cities of the other tribes.
Saighdeoir – The archer tribe. Lives in forests and jungles, and allied with the centaur. The Saighdeoir are very protective of their forests


The monster tribe.


The river tribe


The snake empire


The Starfaerering tribe. This is the Halflings word for slave.

A lightning rail connects the settlements and the three main cities.

Abadar meant to conquer and colonize this world, they shipped their poor and thier criminals to the planet, to fill it up with men. But when the call of the Empress went out, the men of Erastil showed no loyalty to their homeworld that had exiled them.

The World City

This was the main port of call for the Abadar Imperium. It is a large sprawling city on the coast of the largest continent. It is full of the architecture of the old Imperium, and remained loyal to the homeland for longer than any other city on Erastil. The beginning of the revolution was marked by brutal battles between Chariot and the World City. Once Chariot, Fortitude, Empress and even Justice allied to free Erastil and her moons from the Imperium the World City fell to the combined might of the rebel armada. The nobles district still lies in ruin, and much of the prosperity has returned. When the Imperium returned to space the reunification movement reached out to the returned Imperium. The World City is the industrial hub of the planet and moons of Erastil, and its workmanship is even desired out in Rovagug by the industrious gnomes.

The City of Chariots

This is at the center of the large plains of Erastil. Chariots has the largest free Halfling population in the sphere. Here the herders of the large herds come to bring thier beasts to market, and ships from around the system compete for space in the tiny artificial harbor in the middle of the dry plain.


This is the largest dwarven delve outside of Rovagug and are mining the mountains of Erastil. They have strong links to both Chariots and the World City and thier mineral wealth has funded the lightning rail network that connects Erastil.


The moon of the druken hero is a hot moon of shallow seas but little rain. Cailean is a moon full of vineyards, feudal holdings, and unwarented bravery. Knights, mercenaries and lords battle it out over the slightest provocation. The bards of Cailean are almost as famous as its wine. A lightning rail connects the city of fortitude with the outlying settlements.

City of Fortitude

This is the largest kingdom on the moon, and the main trading hub. A city of stories, wine, food, and fortune seekers. During the Empress rebellion many a war hero hailed from this city.


The moon of seas is a large moon nearly covered in water, many tropical islands dot the moon. Due to its pleasant climate, and many coves to hide in, this has become a favorite hideout of pirates and smugglers. The islands are populated by crazed cannibalistic Halflings tribes. How they found their way to moon is a mystery.

City of Justice

A pirate haven on one of the largest islands of this lawless world. The city is ruled by representatives of all the major pirate fleets. This is where the competing fleets come to trade and do business, trade plunder, and gain crews.


The free moon – This moon is rocky deserts separating oasis of forest and fertile grasslands. A lightning rail crosses the deserts of this moon.

City of Empress

This was the center of the Empress Rebellion. It was here that Empress Aya crowned herself regent of the stars and declared all moons and planets free of Imperial Fealty, freed all slaves and sorcerers. and declared all religions legal. While the ensuing Rebellion lasted 20 years, and the Abadar Imperium has reconqered much of what they lost in the sphere, but not all, and many of their initial colonies are now tiny duchies and principalities. The city of the Empress styles itself as a free port of call and an open city. Here all the small kingdoms and principalities and duchies of the sphere are free to meet for diplomacy and trade. Empress is a city of low walled sandstone


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