Red desert warlike planet – Home of Orcs hordes and the Prison of the Drow. Five thousand years ago when the Spider war was coming to an end, the last of the Drow armada made thier last stand on the red planet of Gorum. The last of the void spiders, living demonic ships that could travel between planets and spheres was killed here and the Drow survivors of the ship were land bound, unable to travel the void or spin the demonweb. The Emerald Forest abandoned the survivors, leaving a contingent behind on Yuelral to patrol the system.

In the five millennia that past the Drow fought with the native Orc of Gorum and either enslaved them or drove them into the badlands. The Drow fell into infighting and the great families separated into the great city states that dominate Gorum to this day. When the Dwarves entered the system, one of their minor delves scouted the planet, the assault of demons, orcs and drow, brought down the delve and killed or enslaved the dwarves. The witches of Platinum studied the magic of the helm, and they created the Life Helms that power the great ceramic spider ships that plague the system.

Gorum is a red desert with very little water, mostly located at the poles. The Drow have forced the orcs to dig planet spanning canals to route the water to thier cities, especially to Silver. Ruins span Gorum of the ancient civilization of the orcs, on the etching are listed the ancient pacts with demons that first taught the Drow such depravity. The rest of the planet is a desert, used up and near extinction. Though now that the Drow are free to roam the system they are attempting to breathe life into thier dying world.

Once the drow had broken free of thier exile they came to the attention of the dragons who had just finished thier conclave on the moons. An ancient Red dragon took notice of the drow, and took the red wing to Gorum and conquered the city of Silver. This started the civil war between Silver and the other city states, which continues to this day. On one side is the Red Flight, and any number of drakes, on the other, the summoned hordes of the pit. Silver has managed to conquer Iron and Electrum, and occasionally Adamantine and Rust. On the other is the remains of the old spider empire, united in the face of the draconic threat, if little else.

The drow samurai are legendary in thier prowess, as are thier ninja assassins. In the Red Empire the witch covens are at the top of the matriarchy, while in the spider empire the clerics of the spider queen hold sway.

The Red Empire


The city of armies


The city of witchcraft, where the means to enter the astral plane was discovered.


The city of agriculture and slaves. The Grand amphitheater is here. This is the Capital City, where the Red Empress has made her lair.

The Spider Empire


The religious center and capital city of the spider empire.


Pleasure city of forbidden delights.


The shipyards of Gorum



The city of industry. This city has been conquered many times by each side, but neither has been able to hold it for long. The ruling house in Adamantine prefers to remain neutral and sell thier powerful weapons to both sides and beyond.

Apsu and Dahak

Both moons are very similar, containing towering mountain peaks, fetid swamps, vast deserts, poisonous forests, and giant glaciers. Both moons are the home of dragons. Apsu the home of the metallic dragons, and Dahak the home of the chromatic. When the moons pass between each other the various flights clash. While dragons are capable of flight between the planets and even between spheres, they had chosen to settle only on these two moons. The dragons will often fly off to attack passing ships and remote outposts looking for treasure.


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