A massive water planet with scattered archipelagos of islands. The islands range from tropical paradises to storm wracked icy fjord islands. While the islands are such a small fraction of the planet, Gozreh is so large that it is nearly as much landmass as on Abadar. The various islands are separated by massive oceans filled with hostile species.

Merfolk empires battle against each other and the relentless sahuagin warlords. Surface dwellers are seen as unimportant at best, and for the sahuagin as food, or breeding stock.

City of Hierophants

Perched upon an island cliff far above the port. The non-spell jamming navy spreads out from here to the various islands that have been settled. Hierophants is at war with many of the submarine empires. Heirophants has strict breeding laws and various noble lines are noted for the sorceous powers that have emerged from them. With the emergence of the Imperium, Hierophants has joined back with the homeworld, and used thier new alliance to strike a decisive blow against the sahuagin.


A dark moon that exists in the shadow of Gozreh. The small moon appears to have a a terrestrial environment, but everything from Ranlac is a deep shade of black. Crops from Ranlac are in high demand because they are capable of growing in the absence of light.

Green Mother

A small Moon covered in a dense but beautiful forest. The forest is populated with evil fey of the unseelie court. The nymphs, and dryads and satyrs that live here use their magic and power to lure mortals to thier doom.


Binary moons that orbit each other, the moons are identical and it is nearly impossible to tell the two apart. Imbrex is a dried salt flat dotted by oasis and wellsprings. All sorts of reptilian creatures live on these two moons. The moons’ orbits regularly bring them close enough for creatures to jump between. There are temples are full of scaled statutes, and when the moons barely touch these great pyramids lock together.

Lantern King

A bright moon that moves quickly and erratically around Gozreh. It shines brightly and as it passes it changes the stars, ships travelling throughout the Gozreh planetary system will often be misled by the Lantern King and crash. The surface is a low bright fog that glows from within. It is covered in scrub, swamp, and short forests. The plant and animal life is all luminescent. Wips are very common on his moon.


A moon divided up into three stark faces. The past is a side of ash and ruins, the present is a face that appears to be similar to environments found on Abadar, Erastil, and Gorum, while the future face contains sprouts and the beginnings of construction for unknown buildings. It is said that if one searches Magdh long enough one will find the information that ones seeks they can find it on one of the three faces of Magdh.


A rocky moon surrounded by clouds. The clouds rage and storm against its many mountains and crags. Magic is empowered here, and many wizards and sorcerers at more than happy to brave the arcane dangers for such a powerful increase in magic.

City of Magicians

Rhe furthest extent of the Abadar Imperium. After the Empress Rebellion Magicians declared its independence and formed a Mageocracy. This is primarily a city of wizards and Magus. This city and the surrounding land is supported almost entirely by magic, transmutation and alchemy. The college d’Magoi is here and will instruct any with the aptitude, and the coin, in the arts of wizardry. With Abadar’s abandonment of the traditional schools in favor of their new magic, this is the oldest human college in the sphere.


A blue moon that orbits the great blue planet. It is the home of the imperial dragons and lindowurms. Like Gozreh there are a number of islands of varying types of land, but the majority is seas. Dragons and draconic creatures inhabit every part of the moon.


A moon that has appeared around every planet in the system. It is a purple moon of sand and rock. Undead prowl the wastelands between towers and citadels. Visitors to the moon often just disappear. Strange visitors with odd clothing and language can be found desperately searching for something on the surface.


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