History of the Sphere

In the beginning…

The galaxy was formed by the elder gods.

The elder races grew and prospered and did what they will with the galaxy, subjugating or devouring the lesser races.

The Celestial Choir warred against the other elder races, and drove them and the old gods from the galaxy, into the void beyond. These became the demons, devils and other banished fiends. Elder races, such as the djinn and the giants that pledged not to interfere were spared their banishment and went into decline or stasis. The Celestial Choir ignited the radiant stars, and made the spheres of the galaxy a hospitable place for the mortal races.

The elves were the first to rise up from their own world, and formed the first of the mortal star empires. The elves formed the emerald forest. Great spheres bound together by the Yggdrasil tree. For millennia the Emerald forest spread across the galaxy. Until their cousin the Drow betrayed the elves and the Spider War raged across the galaxy, pitting the Emerald Forest against the Demon Web Pits.

The war ended in the hinterlands of the Galaxy, in the Sphere of Sarenrae where the last of the great demon spiders were destroyed and the drow forced into exile on the red planet [Gorum]. The Emerald Forest stayed its hand against their cousins, allowing them to continue to exist and settled outposts upon a few moons of the the barbaric sphere.

The gnomes were the first mortal race in Sarenrae to advance. Their inquisitive minds and ruthless natures created an advanced thaumaturgical society. Their planet of Rovagug was destroyed suddenly a thousand years ago. The gnomes survived however and spread throughout the floating planetoids.

Five hundred years ago the dwarven planet of Torag entered the sphere. Fleeing from their home sphere of Asmodeus, which had been destroyed by the giant Red Devil star. The dwarves seeking aid and allies gave the secret of sphere travel, spelljamming to gnomes and the humans of Abadar.

Rising up from Abadar, the humans extended their empire into the system of Sarenrae and within a century had colonized one end of the system to the other, with the exception of Gorum. The gnomes of Rovagug joined the empire and the brokered their technology to the might of Abadar’s magic and ambition. The halfling tribes of Erastil were conquered and enslaved.

Three centuries after Abadar was given spelljamming capability the city of Empress on the moon of Milani around Erastil rebelled against the Abadar Imperium. As the call went out, many of the colonies joined with them and fought to break free from Abadar’s yoke. After fifty years of conflict, with the Imperium winning the war, they suddenly retreated, and withdrew to their home planet of Abadar, leaving the rebellious colonies to sort themselves out.

Twenty years ago, a new fleet of metal ships rose from Abadar and back into the sphere politics. Many of the colonies that had once held the Imperium in high regard have rejoined. Meanwhile the drow have gained the ability to once again travel the endless dark and have begun to terrorize the spacelanes and smaller moons. War will soon be coming to the sphere once again, either to finish the Empress Rebellion, or a new conflict between the native empires and the drow, or even between some of the elder races and the new upstarts.

History of the Sphere

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