Massive gas giant, home to abominations. Grell, beholders and other flying aberrations inhabit this massive world. There isn’t any surface here, but there are many floating islands of rock and earth to be found within. Most of these serve as a focal point and gathering place for the aliens creatures. Within can also be found wizard towers, temples to the foul creatures and fortresses both recent and ancient of those that braved the dangers of this endless clouds.

The City of Towers

Built here on a large floating island. It is a city of aberrant thought, full of strange people, some more monster than man. The people of Towers seem a bit insane, and the howls of the eternal wind that blows through this floating city adds to this image of madness. Towers is a city of air and exports rare metals and strange plants and magical reagents that are unknown anywhere else in the Sphere.


Largest moon in the sphere. There is no atmosphere on the surface of the moon, and no naturally occurring in the mined tunnels of the moon. This moon is a treasure trove of precious ore and gems, but attempts to mine it are dangerous and short lived. The moon has many quakes and the very stone shifts often.


Much like Lamashutu in that is is composed entirely of wind and clouds, but unlike the larger world there is no solid structure withing the moon, only the endless storm and raging elementals. Ships that venture through here are usually trying to replenish thier air, or are a wizard trying to bind an elemental.


An icy moon composed entirely of water. The water goes all the way through and the only solid parts are submerged icebergs and the vast amount of fish, and sea monsters.


This volcanic moon is constantly ablaze. Lava flows over the entirety of the surface. Fire elementals, magma beasts and ifreet populate this moon.

The City of Brass

This is the capital of the djinn empire in the sphere, where the upper class ifrits rule. It is a slaving empire. The elementals don’t have spell jamming technology, they travel through the elemental chaos or with permanent portals. This is one of the richest cities in the system. The slave galleys of Lovers often makes a port of call here, as Brass has no reservation about buying all forms slaves.


A festering ball of disease and parasites. Those creatures who live on this hothouse moon are in a constant state of sickness.


A forest moon where the trees grow black and twisted. This is a world of dark fey, hags and lycanthropes.

The City of Devils

A client state of Stars, mostly as a trade hub for the mining colonies for harvesting the elemental riches of Lamashutu’s other moons. The lumber for Gyronna is highly valued as well, but the locals fear the forest. and they haven’t settled much outside the City of Devils. With the emergence of the Imperium, Stars has been importing slaves and skilled labor to the moons of Lamasutu to build up its armada for what it thinks will the coming war with Abadar or the Drow.


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