Political Alliances of Sarenrae

Abadar Imperium

  • Holdings include the entirety of Abadar,
  • Hanspur, Andolettea, Zyphus,
  • City of Moons
  • City of Temperance
  • City of Emperor
  • The World City
  • Gozreh and the City of Hierophants

The Imperium Has set its sights on Fools and Fortune.

The Confederacy of Stars

These are the Moons, planetoids, and City states that have been conquered by or joined willingly to the Confederacy of Stars. The Confederacy was once a primarily human affair, but it’s aggressively mercantile bent has enabled many other species grow in prominence. Life so far away from their home world has changed the people of the Confederacy, without strict breeding controls, and being so close to outsiders, there are many strange pairings to be found at all levels of the Confederacy. It is not uncommon for a Tiefling and a Aasimar to be siblings, or for lycanthropes to be living openly. But for all its openness the Confederacy is a harsh life, where money is everything. Slavery is legal in the Confederacy, though true to it’s egalatarian culture, it’s not restricted to halflings.

The Confederacy has set its sights upon The City of Emperor.

  • Pazuzu and the City of Stars
  • The seas of Dagon are claimed as well as City of Hanged Men
  • Nocticula and the City of Judgement
  • City of Towers and other parts of Lamashutu
  • Gyronna and the City of Devils
  • Much of the Rovagug Expanse

The Alliance of Sarenrae

This is a loose treaty between independent city states. These states have pledged to support each other if attacked and arranged to share currency, but little else. If there is one thing the states have agreed upon is that they all hate the bureaucracy of running a stellar empire. The Alliance is there to make sure they are able to stay free. Justice is the only city that has ever been ejected from the alliance, though it is widely felt that this was a political move so that the actions of pirates don’t come down upon the the other cities.

  • City of the Sun
  • City of Fortune
  • City of Chariots and much of Erastil
  • Cailean and the City of Fortitude
  • Milani and the City of Empress
  • Socothbenoth and the CIty of Fools
  • Many of the Asteroid baronies in Rovagug and the inner system
  • Ng and the City of Magicians

Metallic Cities of the Spider

  • Mithril
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Rust
  • Darksteel

Metallic Cities of the Red Queen

  • Silver
  • Electrum
  • Iron
  • The moon of Dahak

Dwarven Delves of Torag

  • Torag
  • The Delve of Gryaz
  • Many astroids of Rovagug

The Emerald Forest

  • The moon of Yuelral
  • The planting of Iroko
  • The moon of Valani

The Kingdom of Kurgess

The Aasimars of Kurgess claim all the moons of Shelyn as their kingdom. In reality these moons are protectorates as the Aasimars have not built any permanent settlements upon, but often can be found adventuring within and patrolling. Shelyn itself is not included as the Kurgess regard it as a holy sphere, more so than even Sarenrae, this far out in the outer system Shelyn provides more radiance than does the distant star. In many ways the kingdom of Kurgess was created by the celestials of Shelyn as the protectors the system. Kurgess is a high magic, low technology culture that puts their faith into celestial magic, though does not neglect arcane.

Kurgess travels the system of Shelyn on magical mounts. Beyond Shelyn their ability to travel in space is limited but will often use portals to traverse the great distances.

The Allfather of Kurgess is Rodir the wise, he has many sons and daughters that travel the various worlds they have connected to to do his bidding. Rodir is currently deciding whether or not to assert domain over Abadar.

  • Kurgess – The home moon of the kingdom. This is the homeland of the Aasimars and it is a land of extreme weather and great beauty. Many towns, castles and settlements, including Neamh, the royal City of the Kurgen Aasimars.
  • Arshea – This is the only moon where the Kurgess have settled. Many towns and castles have been built here. Rather than letting outsiders settle on Kurges, they steer them towards Arshea and try to maintain close relations. This is considered the provinces.
  • Korada -
  • Ragathiel -
  • Sinashakti -
  • Valani – The Emerald Forest leases this verdant moon from the Kurgess as part of a treaty between the two. The Emerald Forest at first considered the Aasimar to be the prominent species of the system until the surprising rise of humanity.
  • Sivanah -
  • Priestess – Not officially part of the Kingdom, but Kurgess oversees the administration of the city on behalf of the mostly chaotic celestials in Shelyn. The embassy from Kurgess is in many ways a palace.

The Elementals of Brass

The city of brass appears to be an immense metropolis of efreet and other djinn. Much larger than thier volcanic moon seems capable of supporting. In truth the city of Brass exists in thousands of Spheres in the cosmos simultaneously. The efreet understand how this works and navigate the paradox with ease, while most mortals are unable to find this secret no matter how many die trying. Brass is ruled by a Sultan, who is much talked about, but no mortal in Sarenrae has ever seen. Only the ambassador to the sphere has ever been negotiated with. He appears to be a minor functionary.

  • Ymeri and the city of Brass
  • The various djinn settlements pay tribute to Brass.

The Celestial Choir

The Celestial Choir Is a Cosmos spanning civilization of immense power. They try not to interfere in the affairs of lesser species other than to allow them the space to develop. They will intervene when the demons of the pit or the fallen of Hell threaten to take a foothold in a sphere. Often thier actions in combating this threat is as destructive. They try to warn the mortal races to combat this before they must take action. It is assumed a Solar rules over the Choir in this system, but unknown what wonders exist in thier native heaven.

  • Sarenrae
  • Phrasasma and the Celestial Temple

Free cities

  • City of Lovers – Slavers who will sell to anyone
  • City of Justice – Pirate Den
  • City of Hermits
  • Adamantine – Industrial city of the Drow
  • City of Priestess – Holy city of Shelyn
  • The City of Change – City of the undead

Political Alliances of Sarenrae

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