Rovagug Expanse

The asteroid belt – each asteroid is a mini world, usually of just a single biome. Many are often rocky and lifeless, the larger ones are moon sized planetoids. The expanse is the original home of the gnomes. It is thought that it was some attempt to contact a powerful demonic entity that brought about this fate. The destruction took place a thousand years ago and the gnomes who inhabit it today remember little of the exact details of the calamity, or their culture before that. Modern gnomes exist as small tribes who made thier way between asteroids without the secret of spell jamming. The gnomes are renown for their alchemical and magical feats they developed to help survive, the most famous of which is firearms. When the Abadar Imperium reached thier asteroids they eagerly joined up, trading their ruins and reasources of Rovagug eagerly, for inclusion in this exciting new interplanetary empire.


Steamy jungle, full of snakes, snake men, medusas and towers of ancient magic.


Ape and girillion infested jungle of massive trees.


Planetoid inscribed with canyon like mazes and populated by minotaurs. The city of Daed is here, where the Minotaur inhabitants sign on for mercenary work.


Fungus and spore infested planetoid, forests of mushrooms, and other exotic plants. It is a hostile environment, but it provides the alchemical components that fuel the industry and space flight of Rovagug. There are two main towns. Blewit and Morel. Blewit is fiercely independent and survives by shipping alchemical components and fuel throughout the system. Morel is a more recent settlement on the opposite side of the planetoid by Stars to ensure a steady supply of fuel. Morel is a harsher and more dangereous settlement, and slaves are routinely condemned to work here.


An expanse of free floating water that contains a number of other planetoids. Contains huge sea monsters. This boundless sea is the home of the aboleths and thier skum slaves, their alien cities hidden within the floating asteroids. On the Surface of the sea are many small settlements that fish the alien ocean. Ships often stop at these settlements to resupply wih food and water. The sunward face is a large tropical nearly boundless ocean broken up by floating islands. The Dark facing side is a region of arctic cold and ice.

The city of Hanged Men

Floats freely on the sun side of Dagon as a city made up of boats and spell jamming vessles. The vessels are bound together and the whole city is pulled by various giant fish, or elementals. The flotilla city survives on fishing and on trade from the various floating islands. This is often where decommissioned spelljammers end up.


A deeply scarred planetoid that contains swarms of locusts and other insects


A swamp planetoid


A frozen planetoid of steep mountains and deep valleys filled with glaciers. It is home to frost giants. This is a cold planetoid out past the general field of Rovagug, and the warmth that permeates the expanse, the seas of Dagon obscure the light of Sarenrae for most of the year. This is one of the larger planetoids in the system, and there is a small band of temperate arable land at the equator that has a short but intense summer. Kostchichie has a wealth of metals located deep underneath the planet. The main settlement is free city of Vardrun which sells the mining wealth to all who are willing to make the dangerous trip to this planetoid.

The Ice giants of Kostchtchie have a long term rivalry with the Aasimar of Kurgess. In ages past portals were the only way to travel between the two worlds which gave the Kurgess forces an advantage. Now the jarls have been hiring themselves and their warriors out as raiders and securing transport to go and invade the various worlds of Shelyn.


An large expanse of sand and rock filled with valuable minerals. Larger than just a planetoid, this is a connection of free floating mountains that drift within an expanse of sand. The mountains contain a vast array of wealth in metals and gems, the star gems found here are more abundant than even Erastil. The oasises and orchards are worked by the gnomes over centuries. Now with spelljamming the rare spices that can be grown here have become much more abundant, but the calif gnomes have invested this new wealth in trying to consolodate power.

City of Judgement

A rich city that has always had a strong gnomish power base. During the Empress revolt Judgement quickly broke free, and tried to form a merchant state. The alliance with Stars started the Conderacy, and the gnomish merchant princes are more than happy to pull the strings and grow rich. Judgement is the center of trade between the outer system reasources and the technology of the inner system and Stars. It contains the headquarters for the assassin’s guild, who are often aboard its merchant fleet. A lightning rail connects Judgement with the smaller settlements. The merchant princes of Judgement have been importing ice to melt outside the city, and increase the size of their harbor.The banks that have been built here tunnel down deep into the planetoid. The currency and magical items from this sphere and beyond have considerable value.


A rocky badlands with little of value except for some ruins of ancient gnomish cities.


An expanse of clouds and air. Home to flying creatures of all kinds. There are a number of small cities and towns scattered throughout Pazuzu due to the easy breathable air. They serve as a resupply point for ships headed to the outer sphere worlds. Due to the abundance of breathable air this expanse had become prosperous and thickly settled. The many asteroids in pazuzu have been settled and farmed. While gnomes are the most populous inhabitant, humans have flocked here and it has become the largest settlement of mortals outside the inner system. In recent years the human population has become increasingly less human. Tieflings, ifrits, sylphs, undines, and oreads are now small but common sight in Pazuzu. The asteroids of Pazuzu are small so while a lightning rail connects the various districts of Stars, most of the travel is done by airship. The asteroids in Pazuzu are all capable of supporting life due to the atmosphere, and there has been a land grab in recent years. Airships and flying mounts are the means for traveling the expanse.

City of the Stars

The first to answer the call of Empress, but rather than fight for freedom, Stars fought to gain territory, and at the end of the rebellion it had conquered Devils, Judgement, and Towers. Though many think Stars is just the military puppet of Judgement. Stars seeks to unite the colonys of Sarenrae, and ultimately uniting the entire sphere under its rule. But for now it has done best with the outer sphere cities and worlds. The city of Stars has been spending lots of coin and attracting craftsmen of all races to make it the wonder of the Sphere. The city spans seven small plaetoids that have been bound together, and the city completely surrounds each of asteroids on all sides. It is said that Stars has taken the character of the the system, every good, every evil.


A wealthy planetoid with rich mineral deposits, abundant crops and pleasant climate. It is owned by one of the wealthiest families of the Abadar Imperium and heavily fortified.

The City of Emperor

It was the last of the Abadarian colonies to declare independence, and only just before the imperium retreated to the father planet. Emperor is a prosperous city, that has retained the feeling of the old empire, in some ways more than Abadar does today. The old families still have holdings here, and it was more than happy to rejoin the Imperium.


One side of this planetoid is a paradise, a small sea surrounds this planetoid, and the many spits of land and archipelagos rise out of the shallow warm sea. Socothbenoth is a flat planet with no rotation, even this far from Sarenrae its constant day keeps it warm and tropical. Socothbenoth islands and seas are home to many powerful monsters and creatures. The seas go to the edge of the planet and pour off into the abyss where they evaporate from the fiery underside of the planet, where it evaporates and returns to the surface, forming the weather. The underneath of Socothbenoth is a fiery molten expanse of lava and obsidian populated by fire giants, and elementals.

The City of Fools

In contrast to Stars, Fools was one of the first colonies to answer the call of Empress, and was the main rebel port for the outer sphere. During the Empress Rebellion Fools attracted pirates, smugglers, and freedom fighters from accross the outer settlements. To this day fools remains an important and free wheeling port. The family d’Anoitoi controls Fools, or at least they keep up the appearance of it. However the gnomish societies, the pirate fleets and even House d’Perfidos representing the newly resurgent Abadar. This has become the port of call for creatures visiting the sphere of Sarenrae from the beyond, and many strange beings and ships are docked. Fools contains a number of prominent gates that connect to other spheres in the cosmos. Fools is often invaded by strange creatures from the cosmos, but it has managed to repel the invading force every time, and even to turn some of the invaders into trading partners. The gates were erected by the d’Anoitoi family after Change fell to the undead, giving the city it’s name.


An expanse of burning and molten metal and rock that streams from Socothbenoth. It is thought this was once the fiery core of the gnome home world. Now it’s an elemental expanse of fire and heat. Most wooden ships avoid this expanse, but the dwarves with their delve ships of stone have been harvesting the area of late, and have set up several settlements throughout Flauros. Flauros is the home for fire giants, Azeris, and other elementally charged beings.


A foggy planetoid whose clouds prevent all light of Sarenrae from reaching the surface. Zura is covered in a thick fog that lets in no sunlight, it is a planetoid of moors and canyons.


The Gorum city state of Rust is on this foggy planetoid. It was established in Gorum’s first attempt at colonization. Rust is an important resupply port for the drow, and it has held off every siege attempt by the emerald fleet, Rust is part of the Spider Empire.

Rovagug Expanse

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