A large gas giant with large rings, the most beautiful of all planets. This is a bastion of good and light in the far reaches of the sphere. The interior is a light and airy heaven, many of the clouds take solid form and castles of white marble have been built upon them. This world was once settled by the Celestial Choir but was long abandoned by the angels. There are still many of thier servants who remain but all direct ties with the choir have long been severed. Shelyn is inhabited by assimars, winged elves, griffens, Pegasi, sphinx, and other flying wonders. Here on Shelyn exist powerful celestial creatures that exist outside the Choir. That they are good doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous to those that would oppose them. The powers of Shelyn don’t care much for the politics of the younger races, or those that would plunder thier world of its beauty.

The rings of Shelyn are only a few inches thick, but are solid and impossible strong. Upon it is inscribed the secrets of the cosmos, magic and the gods themselves. A mortal, even an elf, could spend a lifetime studying it and not learn a fraction. There are also ritual sites of power upon the rings for those that know where to stand that would allow powerful spells to be cast, though the being of power guard this as fiercely as they guard the distant heaven itself.

City of Priestess

It was a holy city of the Abadar Imperium dedicated to prayer and the training of the priesthood. During the Empress rebellion the City of Priestesses declared indipendance from Abadar, and put itself under the rule of the Skyward Guard. The worship of all the gods of good are encouraged here, wih Sarenrae and Shelyn having the largest following. This is a city of prophets and all prophets that advance the cause of good are welcome here. The celestials keep a close eye on the goings on within the city, as if they are judging humanity, so while all are welcome to Priestesses, only those that live up to the ideals of the Skyguard. While most of the city is devoted to prayers and self perfection, there is an adventuring and intrigue underground dedicated to learning the secrets of celestials.


The furthest moon of Shelyn. It is a gentle moon that basks in the warming glow of both Shelyn and Sarenrae. It is a moon of ancient forests and gentle seas. Races from across the sphere can be found here, one can find gnomes, elves, Drow, orcs, humans, dwarves, and even goblins can be found living together in friendship. All who seek refuge from oppression can find it here if their heart is true. Aid will always be given to those in need, but those who try to take the bounty of Arshea by force will find it has powerful defenders. The stars are always visible in Arshea’s sky, day and night. Only when the beauty of Shelyn covers it completely is the sky lacking in stars.


A barren desert, like a dry lakebed. But when dreamers who are worthy dream on Korada, the entire moon is transformed into the dream or nightmare. Many pilgrims journey to this moon to live out their dreams, but for every one that realizes this, many more are consumed by thier nightmares.


A battleground where ghostly warriors enact out great battles, only to rise again the next morning. The moon’s landscape is silvery grey, and the flora and fauna are all a translucent ghostly shade. Their are fields and forests and other semblances of mortal realms, as well as cities, towns and castles, but all look ghostly and insubstantial. The denizens of Ragathiel never leave unless it is to defend Shelyn or her moons.


A tiny moon that whips around the world of Shelyn at a breakneck pace. Landing on the moon is incredibly difficult since it moves faster than most ships. A captain would have to anticipate the moon’s position, and the moon moves chaotically around the world. This tiny moon is small enough that it can be traversed by foot in a little over a day. Sinashakti empowers divinations of all sort, and many believe that those on the planet direct it’s movement accross Shelyn.


A forest moon where the Emerald Court has settled. From here the elves patrol the outer realm and wage war against their enemies. Though for so long the beauty of Shelyn has been so peaceful and beautiful that the elves of Valani have been loathe to leave and see the horrors of war. So their formidable fleet has stayed close to port and not pressed the attack.


A moon ruled by an Asimar kingdom. The warriors of Kurgess are bold and proud, and have defended the moons of Shelyn for thousands of years. The Kurgens eschew the technological advancement of magic, and travel the system on celestial pegasi and other magical creatures. The Kurgens have a long standing war with the giants of Lamashutu. Kurgess has resisted both the Imperium, the Confederacy and the Drow. They are allied with the Emerald Forest.


The capital city, and seat of power of the Asimar. It is an impressive fortified city of otherworldly celestial architecture. It is rumored that there are gates from here to every other planet and moon in the sphere and beyond in the palace of King Ceartais.


A moon of illusions. No one can be sure what is real, and what is a figment or glamour. Some of the illusions are created by the many illusionists and magical creatures that gravitate to this moon. But many seem to a be a product of the moon itself.


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