Sphere of Sarenrae

Searching for Cleo

Discussion with Cleopatra the Dryad

  • We ask her name. She thinks her name is Cleopatra, because that’s how we refer to the ship.
  • She’s trying to avoid the fires, trying to stay in the sun.
  • She wants us to keep her tree safe. If we do, she’s cool.

Digger tries to activate a clockwork, but it fails. He’ll try every 10 hours until they clear the effect area.

Set course through the fire field, Flauros Expanse, to seek Cleo at an asteroid we have on a map.

The asteroid is a floating fortress. There are fortifications, a gorge and some kind of deep crater. There is a ship docked on top of the fortifications with a lot of security around it. It’s being filled with crates. The crater appears to have a henge in it.

Digger signals them saying we got off course and took damage in the Expanse, and need to dock for repairs. They respond asking how we’re able to move, and we respond that we’re not using an elemental drive. They give us permission to dock.

We use invisibility and windwalk to infiltrate the asteroid before the ship docks. We fly toward the long boat and fight the guards. A nalfeshnee demon then appears.

After we do a bunch of damage, it takes cover and starts muttering. It offers to give up the “human woman” if we let it go.

We kill the demon, but the planar problems keep it’s body from disappearing back to the abyss.

We begin searching the building. We come upon a large room where someone is addressing a group of minions. We rush in and attack, encountering a sorcerer named Kiglori.

The leader was captured and interrogated. He tells us that the nalfeshnee demon, Kenuzazareal, was the planner behind the Guild of Calamity activities. He also claims to have captured Ithron.

We find a room with webs of writing, linking pieces of information, all written in Abyssal. It appears to be the ravings of Kenuzazareal. Digger noted the following pieces of information:

  • Ithron d’Magisto is an agent of the Celestial Court.
  • The Emerald Queen is manipulating the Court to destroy the sphere.
  • The Drow have escaped Gorum and expanded out past the sphere.
  • The Dwarves are going to corrupt Sarenrae into a Hellstar.
  • The cult of Calistria is going to breed humans into conquering the galaxy
  • The Kurgess destroyed Rovagug to bring about the end of times.
  • The Darkness has control of the gate on Urgathoa and will soon blacken the sphere.
  • There is a power on the far side of Dagon that is growing stronger and secretly controlling the sphere.
  • The humans are changing into something else.

We find a cache of potions (non-detection, cure serious, fly, cat’s grace, remove fear, not sure on last one), 2 scrolls (create undead lvl 6, true seeing), a horseshoes of speed, a headband of mental prowess +2, headband of mental prowess +4, shield +3, +3 arrow protection steel shield, and some unidentified plate mail.

Digger disables mechanical and magic traps on a door, and they find a table with alchemical supplies and a small stone, which Digger thinks is the Philosopher’s Stone. The stone contains a substance. If the stone is cracked open, then within 24 hours the substance must be used for one of the following:

  • Turn 5,000 lb iron into silver
  • Turn 1,000 lb lead into gold
  • Mixed with a healing potion for a true resurrection potion

We head down to the dungeon looking for Cleo. We find a guard in a room, and he admits that they have six prisoners:

  • Cleopatra
  • Elven ship captain (Tyrannus)
  • Scary human man (Ithron)
  • Dwarf (Natasha)
  • Gnome (Golgontock)
  • Human female (Isabella)

Turns out that Cleo is a demon in disguise, Gabriel. He says that Cleo got him to switch places with her when she left. There is a half-demon baby, Damien, which is apparently Cleo’s son and half-brother to Thorga and Quinton. He says that he is magically compelled by Cleo to take care of the baby and bring it to her.

We check out the rest of the prisoners. Thorga determines that Isabella is actually a spider disguised as a human woman. She says that she was the portal master at the City of Fools. She explains that the spiders are refugees of a destroyed planet which have taken the guise of humans to blend in. We release her.

We speak to Golgontock next, who says he’s from the City of Judgment. He says he was kidnapped for his financial knowledge as part of a Calamity Guild plot to bring down the economy of the City of Judgment. We release him.

Natasha next. She says she’s from the Morgul clan on Torag. She says the Calamity Guild had her because she knows much about defenses.

Then Tyrannus. His shipped was hijacked, and he was captured for his knowledge of elven ships.

Finally, Ithron. Quinton negotiates with him about removing the arcane mark if we release him. Kiglari appears to have had past dealings with him as well, and telepathically dominates him.


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