Calistra is a humid planet covered almost entirely with jungles, swamps, and marshes. There are rumored to be ruins of the ancient elven sphere when they attempted to settle this sphere. There are a number of small cities that have developed accross Calistra, agricultural towns, pirate havens, warlord strongholds, wizard towers, and other enclaves of those that wish to remain free of the conclave.

This freedom comes at a price, Calistra’s savage wild elves are fierce and merciless in thier raids on the intruders settlements. They are known to take prisoners, though none are ever recovered, however there are a large amount of half-elves, male children only, that are found abandoned on the borders of the jungle. There are rumored to be hidden pleasure palaces of the amazons, filled with treasures and delights, though many of the pirate havens have done thier best to emulate it.

The jungles of Calista are filled with giant lizards, dinosaurs, and other wild creatures.

Goblins and thier kin have found their way to Calistra and infest the jungles. They are a persistent threat in the various jungles. The cities and plantations keep goblins and thier kin as slaves and the goblins emulate the tradition on the civilized races. Slavery is one of the main exports of Calistra, as is food, gems and fine silks.

Cities and important towns:

Calistra has no moons.


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